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In our pharmacy it is possible to carry out bioimpedancemetry, i.e. the analysis of body composition, based on the bioelectrical analysis of impedance, a parameter that allows us to know how much of our body is made up of muscles and how much of adipose tissue.


What is it about

The bioimpedance analysis is based on the electrical conductivity properties of the human body. A weak current will pass more easily in compartments of low resistance, i.e. where there is more water (muscle tissue). While it will struggle more where there is less (adipose and bone tissue). Depending on the result, it will be possible to understand the indicative composition of a person's body. 


When do you need to measure it?

Measuring the composition of our body is important in many physiological and pathological situations. In medicine, the areas in which it is most important is in the evaluation of childhood obesity or sarcopenia (decrease of muscle tissue) in the elderly. However, beyond these specific moments in a person's life, bioimpedancemetry is also useful in other cases:

for those who carry out sporting activities, in order to understand the effectiveness of an exercise

for those who want to lose weight, in order to understand if the path followed gives results and what kind, not only in terms of kilos lost;

for those in a specific situation, such as women after pregnancy, who aim to familiarize themselves with the changes in their bodies


How is it done?

It is a simple and painless examination, based on the passage of an imperceptible current in areas of the body such as the hand or foot. Two electrodes will be applied and the patient will feel nothing.

The bio-impedance analysis is more useful when it is performed several times over time, so as to appreciate and understand the reason for changes in the composition of one's body, following exercise, pathologies, physiological events.

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