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Anyone who takes one or more drugs every day knows how difficult it is to be punctual, without ever making mistakes. But there is a great novelty, recently landed in Italy, which will decisively change these data: it is called SiCuro, and it comes from Trentino.


What is it about?

Always having the right medicines, in the right place, in the right doses, and never forgetting them: what a dream that would be! With SiCuro this can become reality, because instead of storing the medicines in blister packs, which are sometimes full and sometimes empty, they are all repackaged in a personalized envelope, based on the patient's therapy.


How does it work?

Bring us your therapy and come to the pharmacy with your doctor's prescriptions. We will enter your therapy in the SiCuro software and send the drugs to the specialized laboratory, which will remove them from their original packaging in a context of total sterility, and place them in a new container, divided by day and time... 100% safe !

A dedicated smartphone application completes the service, alerting you whenever you are about to run out of tablets. Here too, all personalized and tailor-made for you.


Who is it reserved for?

To all people who take medicines in tablets and capsules, chronically. There is no minimum number of drugs, because adherence to therapy is always important, even with just one drug.


Our pharmacy is a safe point. Find more information on the call us and come and visit us, we will give you the information you need!

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